Part One In Progress 

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Copyright © 2019 Beth Solin. Not for use without written consent.

The Making of Part One 

Copyright © 2019 Beth Solin. Not for use without written consent.


Start up funding for OUT ME IN ME OUT © was raised through Kickstarter. Past installations were funded through grants and fellowships through The Pollock–Krasner Foundation, The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, and a nomination based grant through The Eben Demarest Trust Fund.

OUT ME IN ME OUT ©, my new Five-Part Installation Series in progress, will be an extensive group of solid clear Lucite sculptures and the core of several site-specific installations. This new piece builds upon my body of work by shifting from architectural installations with figurative influence, to a work that is figurative in its entirety; consisting of sixteen life-size figures, all of them animals, eight of them human, eight of them not. Floating in each of the their bodies will be sub-sculptures - metaphors for the vascular system, unconscious thought, and all that bridge our inner and outer worlds. As this series unfolds, it will address the relationship between my personal experience in “the pack” and specific concerns about where humans are headed with respect to the increasingly isolated and insulated position of the individual within “the pack.”


The personal pack-experiences being referenced are those influenced by a childhood belief that I wasn’t “right” — not as a female or as a person. This developed into profound outsiderness, which morphed into feeling like a voyeur, and finally a stranger unto myself, trapped on the outside of my own body looking in. As an adult and mother of two, my sense of being continues to morph, not into further disembodiment, but instead, into a broader state of awareness. In the age of instantaneous gratification, sublime distraction, and the obsession with the self, it has become clear that the human-pack is headed towards a similar disconnect, though from different circumstances. Our survival instincts and sexual and societal connectivity appear to be devolving. No longer are we an interdependent roaming herd searching for the greater whole. Instead, we are becoming millions of lone wolves disoriented and roaming, forced by lack of space to stand close with no greater whole in site.


While these sentiments may seem dystopian, this five-part series explores human connection and connectivity in the context of being animals. Animals who forever respond to nature and other living things, whether we intend to or not. The way in which we perceive, understand, use, or abuse these connections and responses, evolutionarily fluctuate. Our DNA, memory and imagined future, the iconic “now” we long for and our attempt to understand time through continually redefining it, all influence this fluctuation and our dichotomous roles. Our roles as the embraced and rejected, the consumer and consumed, and as predator and prey.

As this series unfolds, the components of Part One will be added to the new components of Part Two, then Part One and Two to the new components of Part Three, and so on. Each mold will be able to yield at least ten prints and these prints will vary in terms of their hand-made vascular systems and clarity verses opacity-factors.


PART ONE, the first installation of this Five-Part series will consist of the following life-size Lucite figures and components: Normal Human Female, Fragmented Human Female, Cow-Milking-Bucket with Vagina and Vaginal Canal in Milk, Rodent-size Fly Drinking Milk, one hundred or more Mouse-size Flies Drinking Milk in clusters suspended from the walls and ceiling, one to three Vascular System Tumbleweeds, and a group of drawings to be exhibited separately.


  1. Normal Human Female - FINISHED in clear Lucite, life-size

  2. Fragmented Human Female - ready for casting in clear Lucite, life-size

  3. Cow-Milking-Bucket with Vagina and Vaginal Canal in Milk - ready for casting in opaque white Lucite, life-size

  4. Rodent-size Fly Drinking Milk - ready for casting in clear Lucite, rabbit-size

  5. One hundred or more Mouse-size Flies Drinking Milk - ready for casting in opaque white, opaque black, and mixed black and white Lucite, mouse-size

  6. Milk Pools on the floor for the humans and large fly - five to seven pools of opaque white Lucite milk to be poured on the floor, c. 5 feet x 8 feet x 1/2 inch

  7. Milk Puddles to be suspended from the walls and ceiling for the small flies - fifteen to thirty puddles of opaque white Lucite milk to be poured on the floor with embedded legs of Mouse-sized Flies and mounting hardware, c. 2 feet x 3 feet x 1/2 inch 

  8. Vascular System Tumbleweeds (if time permits) - two to three c. 5 feet in diameter


    Out Me In Me Out Part One

    Normal Human Female: Detail 2016-2019 Installation 20 x 30 ft. Lucite, steel, polyurethane resin, and so-strong dye.