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Beth Solin is an American artist who currently is working on OUT ME IN ME OUT ©, an extensive group of cast-Lucite sculptures that will be the core of several site-specific installations. Through her work, she addresses concerns about where humans as a species are headed, especially with respect to the increasingly isolated and insulated position, of the individual within “the pack.”  


Solin has in the past two decades created a series of large-scale installations, including Spine In/Spine Out © and All To Nothing/Nothing To All ©. Both were exhibited in large industrial spaces in Richmond, Va. Her work, which also includes drawings,  addresses issues related to alienaton and how humans are affected by the fracturing of “the pack.”


Solin has funded her installations through grants from the Pollock–Krasner Foundation, The Memorial Foundations for Jewish Culture and the Eben Demarest Trust Fund, and most recently a successful fully funded Kickstarter Campaign. She also received an International Sculpture Center Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award. Solin has had “underground” solo exhibitions of site-specific installations in industrial spaces in Richmond, VA., and Madison, WI. She is currently raising funds for her new installation.

For over 20 years, Solin has supplemented the grant funding though sculpting and painting television and film sets as a member of United Scenic Artists Local 829. As of recent she has worked on the film adaptation of West Side Story, Joker, and The Trial of Chicago Seven. In August of 2022, she finished working on Fallout: Amazon's adaptation of the video game.


Solin also writes poetry and music. She wrote the lyrics to, co-wrote the music for, and sang a song titled, Moth ©. which became the theme song of The Text of Sex, a play that premiered at the 2014 NYC International Fringe Theater Festival in New York City. Link to music on Soundcloud HEREMoth © was converted from a poem that originated from Solin's book of poetry The Moth The Streetlight And The Moon ©, completed in 2016 (not yet published). In 2014 French gender bender fashion magazine, Lash Magazine, published "Thing©, an Op-Ed article Solin wrote about her work for their summer issue on Gender. In 2016, The Right Space podcast aird an exclusive 50 min interview with Solin where she discussed OUT ME IN ME OUT ©. This same year, the web magazine Human Diaries published an interview about Solin's artistic history and approach to making artwork, specifically this new installation. As of recent, in the winter of 2019, Solin's work was published in two new articles. The lifestyle site UMAMIgirl wrote an exclusive digital article about her current installation OUT ME IN ME OUT © and work process, and Create Magazine printed an Op-Ed article that goes into depth regarding the content of this installation. 


Born in 1969 in West–Lafayette, Indiana, Solin grew up in the American Midwest, and also lived abroad during her youth in England and Switzerland. While earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she spent a year studying drawing in Florence, Italy through the University of Syracuse, NY, and carving marble in Pietra Santa, Lucca, Italy. After earning her BFA , she did a one-year apprenticeship with figurative artist Deanna Leamon in Columbia, SC.


Solin moved to New York in 1993 where she spent 18 years in Manhattan and Brooklyn. In 1994, she received an Associates Degree in Scenic Painting from the Studio School of Stage Design in Jersey City, NJ, followed by acceptance into United Scenic Artists Local 829 in 1998. Two years later, she earned her Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. In 2009, Solin moved to Fair Haven, NJ, where she now resides with her two sons. In addition to making art, she teaches private life-drawing classes to local kids, has a small upcycled clothing company,, Lilygoat Apparel © and continues to work on film and television sets in the New York metropolitan area. Link to Lilygoat Apparel © HERE.

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